Welfare and Rehabilitation

The Welfare and Rehabilitation Division falls under the Directorate of Correctional Services and is overseen by the Department of Rehabilitation Services. Headed by an Assistant Commissioner, the Division was established in 1974 to be at the forefront of rehabilitating and resettling inmates through diverse interventions.

Divisional Mandate

The social rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders into society as law abiding citizens, while promoting the social welfare of both prisoners and staff.

Divisional Objectives.

  1. Initiate, develop or review social rehabilitation, reintegration and welfare policies and programs
  2. Plan, budget and mobilize resources for rehabilitation, reintegration and social welfare programs
  3. Implement social rehabilitation and social welfare of prisoners programs.
  4. Promote the social reintegration of offenders into the community as productive, law abiding citizens.
  5. Promote access to justice of pre- trial prisoners
  6. Promote community corrections and aftercare of discharged prisoners.
  7. Develop and implement staff social welfare services in the Department.
  8. Liaise with relevant stakeholders: MDAs, JLOS, CSOs, CBOs, etc in pursuit of the sectional mandate.
  9. Monitor, supervise and evaluate the efficient and effective implementation of rehabilitation, reintegration and social welfare programs.
  10. Set performance targets, supervise and appraise sectional staff



  • Formal Education
  • Inmate-Community contacts
  • Counselling and guidance
  • Rehabilitative sports and games
  • Functional Adult literacy
  • Vocational Training
  • Resettlement and reintegration
  • Access to justice
  • Library service
  • Rehabilitative Music,dance and drama
  • Admission and Discharge plans
  • Documentation and publication
  • Rehabilitative farming
  • Spiritual Guidance





As a strategic arm of the department as far as social rehabilitation is concerned, the section is living no stone unturned in preparing inmates for reintegration back  into society as law-abiding citizens.