In an effort to enhance the capabilities and perspectives of staff, Uganda Prisons Service conducted a transformative Mindset Change training program for Senior Managers of Prisons Headquarters.

The training held at Prisons Academy and Training School, aimed at reshaping the perspectives and attitudes of these key officers, carries the potential to ripple positively throughout the entire Prison system and consequently, the broader Ugandan society.


The opening remarks were delivered by Mr. John Bosco Tumwebaze, Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons (Director Administration). In his address, he highlighted the critical importance of mindset training, Uganda Vision 2040 and urged the senior managers to wholeheartedly embrace the knowledge and skills they would gain throughout the program.

Mr. Tumwebaze eloquently linked mindset change to the socio-economic transformation of Uganda, underlining the profound impact that personal attitudes and beliefs can have on the progress of a nation.


Mr. Frank Mayanja Baine, Senior Commissioner of Prisons (Deputy Director Corporate Affairs), delved into the fundamental aspects of the mind and mindset change. His presentation covered the anatomy of the mind, ideological orientation, historical insights into mindset, and the influence of colonialism on the Ugandan psyche.

Mr. Baine stressed the importance of understanding the historical context that has shaped the collective mindset of Ugandans.

He provided valuable insights into the post-independence era, highlighting the significance of the National Resistance Movement's (NRM) 10-point program of 1986. This program, initiated under the leadership of HE. President Yoweri Museveni, played a pivotal role in reshaping the country's direction, focusing on areas such as democracy, human rights, and economic development.

Furthermore, Mr. Baine emphasized the responsibilities outlined in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, specifically referring to the National Objectives which elaborates on the duties of a citizen. This constitutional framework highlights the importance of active participation and contribution by all Ugandans to the nation's progress, further emphasizing the need for a positive and progressive mindset.


The holistic approach of the Mindset Change training also included a session led by Ms. Dorcus Lama Magoba, a senior Human Resource and transformative leadership consultant. Ms. Magoba delved into the realm of financial literacy while exploring strategies to motivate staff effectively. Her insights provided a comprehensive perspective on driving transformation within the Uganda Prisons Service, recognizing the significance of both financial acumen and inspired leadership.


As these senior managers return to their roles with renewed perspectives and attitudes, they can become catalysts for change within the broader Ugandan society, fostering a more resilient and progressive nation.