The Prisons SACCO held its annual general meeting on Friday 28th April, 2017 at the Prisons Academy and Training School Luzira.

This year’s SACCO general meeting involved elections of new chairperson and board members for a two year term of office. The SACCO under the stewardship of Commissioner of Prisons Kisitu Andrew saw a tremendous increase in value at 4.4.billion Uganda shillings with 8759 membership capacity compared to 3.2 billion shillings with membership of 7,140 in 2015 and 3.1 billion shillings with membership of 5875 in 2013.

The Commissioner General who presided over the function in his speech thanked the outgoing management team for steering the SACCO well for the last four years since they were ushered into leadership for their continued bid to promote the social – economic lives of staff.

Each of the 249 stations were represented by a delegate chosen by fellow staff of each respective station. The Uganda Prisons SACCO was celebrating its ten year anniversary.


The SACCO core (share) capital base has grown from shs. 1.3bn to shs. 1.8 bn.

Growth in membership from 7,340 in 2015 to 8,759.

Growth in total assets from shs. 3.2 bn in 2015 to shs. 4.4bn

Increased volume of loans disbursed shs. 3 bn in 2015 to shs. 3.9 bn

Initiated a canteen project which generates an income of shs. 1,070,000/= per month.

Initiation of saving products and the development loan product which is up to shs. 15m.